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Campbell's Music has always been focused on finding the right instrument for the right person.  Whether you are a novice, the parent of a beginner, a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, we won't sell you the wrong instrument.  Take as much time as you need, ask all the questions you want, we're happy to help!  For over 50 years we have prided ourselves on a friendly, knowledgeable atmosphere where no pressure sales are the rule.

When it comes to our new instruments we are happy to include our own 1 year warranty that includes not only the typical factory warranty coverage but also things like setup and adjustments for maximum playability.  All at no extra charge!  It is our way of saying 'Thank you' for shopping with us.  This makes getting your first new instrument a confident and easy choice.  Three months down the road your guitar needs a neck adjustment, it's free and fast since all of our work is done in house.  Seagull, Recording King, Loar, Ibanez, VHT, Godin, Cort are just some of our new brands.

As for accessories we proudly sell Curt Mangan strings, D'Addario, Dimarzio, LR Baggs, Fishman, DR Strings, Planet Waves, Mooer, Guardian and more!

We also have a wide range of used and vintage gear that is constantly changing, so check in often!  Whether it is a nice budget electric guitar and practice amp or a collectible suitable for handing down to your kids one day, Campbell's Music has got a lot to offer.  All major name brands from Gibson, Fender, Martin, Taylor, Gretsch, Ibanez, Schecter, ESP, Seagull, Takamine, Marshall, Line 6 and more!

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