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Since 1964

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Campbell's Music Service started as an instrument repair service even before 1964 and it is a service we're proud to continue. All sorts of stringed instrument repairs from broken necks to simple tweaks. Our turnaround times are very reasonable as are our prices. Please call (717-741-2634) or email if you have any repair questions. We are proud to work with companies like Fishman, Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, Jescar, Allparts, LR Baggs, CTS, Hipshot, Switchcraft, Aquilar and many others. Below is a list of just some of the more common repairs we do.  

Common Repairs

String Change

Remove old strings, clean instruments, clean and treat frets/fretboard, tighten tuners, tune

Dressing the Frets

Also known as leveling and recrowning. Frets are leveled and recrowned (reshaped) to be like new. This is done when the frets have significant wear but are not so bad as to need replacing. It also includes the below 'dressing the fret edges' if needed. Action and neck adjustments are also included with this job.

Simple Adjustments

Adjust as necessary, typically includes action adjustment, neck adjustment but not intonation, cleaning electronics unless needed. This is typically for the person who either wants to improve the playability due to a string or weather change, keep costs down or has had previous work done and does not need the full setup but rather a tweak.

Dressing Fret Edges

Removing the fret sprout along the side of the neck, typically caused by fingerboard shrinkage. This removes the portion of the fret sticking out and also may include dressing the edges for better comfort and playability. Included with the above 'dressing the frets' but can be done separately if overall fret condition is otherwise good. 


Otherwise known as a complete setup. Making the instrument play as good as possible. This will typically include action adjustments, both nut and bridge, neck adjustment, intonation set, electronic components cleaned, tightened, new strings installed (which includes the above work under string change). This puts the instrument in the best playing condition it can be not including fretwork. 

Partial Refret

When some frets wear down to the point of needing replaced while most of the other frets do not have excessive wear, a partial refret is done. Often needed by players who tend to play in one area (such as first few frets). A fret dressing is included as the new and old frets need to be level with each other. Prices vary mostly due to number of frets needed replaced.

More Repair Examples Coming Soon!

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