The Mathematics of Campbell's Music

For those who are analytical about their purchases let us present to you the Mathematics of Campbell's Music Service!  While we constantly strive to be competitive with our prices there may be someone out there offering the same product for less.  Or is it?  Let's investigate . . .

Real life example:

The Ibanez AS 120 semi-hollow electric guitar:

Campbell's Music Service's price $795.00 with hardshell Ibanez case

A popular catalog (sez they're your friend, but...) $669.99 the case is an extra $129.99 totaling $799.98 - $4.98 higher

Big deal, you say, I'll buy from the catalog, but wait...
    Theirs isn't setup before it's shipped and we all know how important that is!   Hmmm, what's a typical setup fee for a new guitar?  Even at our low rates you'd better figure $30 to $50, but let's use $40 as average.  So now you've spent $44.98 more buying from our catalog 'friends' not to mention you have to leave the guitar at the shop for a few days. 

    So, a few months go by and your lovely new guitar has developed a strange buzz because the neck has bowed back due to seasonal changes.  Better go to the guitar shop and get it taken care of!  Your guitar is still under factory warranty but some warranties wouldn't cover neck adjustments and you'd have to pay for shipping plus be without your guitar for a couple of weeks!  Nah, let's have the pros do it quicker.  Simple job, $20 bill and you're back playing.  Add that to our totals and boom!  $64.98 more you've spent!

Given that seasons change four times a year that could be a lot of extra money!  But what if something more serious goes wrong?  Your investment could end up costing you even more!  Let's let the manufacturer handle the repairs, you say, fine, be prepared for up to 6 week wait (confirmed by a third party repair service) and the shipping costs of $20 to $35 depending on the location.  And let's hope nothing gets damaged in shipping.

So, your 'friend' the catalog has sold you a guitar that has cost you in the area of $859.98.  Now here's where the tricky part comes in.  How much would your total investment be in the above scenario with the same instrument purchased at Campbell's Music Service?  $795.00!!! (isn't that what we started with?)   Our exclusive warranty and setup before the purchase has got you covered!  And remember, warranty work gets top priority!  Do the math!