Don't let them treat you like dumb cattle!

We don't resort to gimmicks, tricks (buy 1 set of strings, get a guitar free) or other nonsense to sell you an instrument.  We don't treat our customers like fools.  Instead, we focus on doing one thing to the best of our ability - musical instruments sales and service.  To do that we don't need to pull the wool over your eyes.  Our approach is simple; honest, knowledgeable help combined with great selection and competitive pricing .  That's it.  What more is there?

No tricks - our setup and warranty isn't an upcharge.  We do it because we always have.  After all, you've bought your guitar from us, shouldn't it be playable when you get it?  It's the least we can do.  It's the least anyone should do, but they don't!

Buy your instrument from someone who cares and loves what they do.  Buy your instrument from someone who will help you before, during and after the sale.  Buy your instrument from Campbell's Music Service.

RA (Bob) Campbell